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Smoking Cessation

“I had been smoking for a number of years finding it stressful running a large family. Imagine the problems at Christmas! David treated me in the run up to Christmas and after the holiday and six months later I am still a non smoker.” 

KM, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire


“For many years my partner and I have been trying for a baby. It was suggested that I visit David for acupuncture treatment and I am happy to say that as a result my partner and I are expecting our first baby. We cannot thank David enough.” 

SB, Warwickshire

“Dear David,
I just wanted to say thank you as thanks to your treatment my wife is pregnant naturally for the first time.

My Wife and I are in are early thirties and are relatively healthy, for 4 years we have been trying for a baby and have had 5 rounds of ICSI (similar to IVF) at a cost of over £20,000. I have had very poor sperm mobility and a very high percentage of abnormal sperm. Medically there was almost no chance of my wife conceiving naturally with me.

As a final role of the dice I sceptically came to see you and had treatments of acupuncture from you after discussing my infertility with you. The treatment always made me feel relaxed and cleared my mind but to be honest I never thought it would help with my very poor fertility.

Well after a couple of months of receiving treatment from you my wife is now pregnant! I can only put this down to the acupuncture treatment from yourself.

I urge anyone having problems conceiving to make a appointment with you because all the money we spent with private doctors didn’t work, but your treatment certainly did. Thank you so much! “  


 “My husband who was being treated by David for stress, happened to mention my situation, to see if David could help me.

 We had been trying for a family for several years, and had tried most things . I would conceive and miscarry all the time, after my fourth miscarriage, I found that it was affecting my mental health, I was constantly irritable, and easily angered. 

David’s treatment not only helped us to have a beautiful baby daughter, but also helped me mentally. I am now a much more rational and calmer person.” 

J and D P, Stratford, Warwickshire

“Both my husband and I who have been childless, in our previous marriages, after trying for some 15 years. 

We went for acupuncture treatment. David not only treated us with acupuncture but gave us sound advice, on things we could do to help ourselves. We now have 2 beautiful children, we cannot praise David enough for helping us to achieve our dream.” 

S and A , Warwickshire.


I’ve had so many appointments with different people to help heal my ankle and I eventually found someone who could help. I started having acupuncture about 3-4 weeks ago and had regular sessions, with my last one today… and I’ve seen amazing improvements!! My ankle swelling went down almost instantly and the pain reduced significantly!! I can run and jump again and even SQUAT!! (which is a big deal) I definitely recommend acupuncture to anyone that has any injuries or who is even just feeling a bit low and unmotivated! I’ve come a long way since my injury and my only regret is that I didn’t get acupuncture sooner!! I’ve started to be able to train again in acro, Aerial and tumbling and I feel soooooo positive. Onwards and upwards from here!!! I’m not holding back anymore! Thank you to David Burness.. he’s helped me so much!”

swollen ankle, before and after acupuncture
Before and after photos


After having acupuncture treatment for my back by David Burness, I am very pleased to say that it is much improved and I am able to lead a normal life again.  From my experience I would not hesitate to recommend him to other sufferers.” 


“For many years my wife and I have been unable to take normal holidays because my wife needed constant support in order to be able to get about. Thanks to David and the Acupuncture we are getting back to normal and enjoying holidays together at last.” 

RS, Warwickshire 

“I am a 79 year old man with a heart condition and I consulted David regarding my swollen knees, hoping for some relief. I was sceptical at first but was delighted with the improvement in my mobility and the amazing improvement in my general health. 

“David has taken a holistic approach with me offering advice on diet, dietary supplements and life style changes, all of which have been beneficial. I have no hesitation in recommending David to anyone.” 

HH, Evesham 

“To David 

I just wanted you to know I am eternally in your debt. As you know I endured weeks and weeks of pain and suffering when I hurt my leg on board a ship, but after my first visit I could walk a lot better, thanks to your fantastic treatment. After the second visit I felt great, and now I am totally healed as if I never had a problem at all. 

Please accept this bottle of wine as a token of my thanks and appreciation. I have recommended you to all my friends.” 

RW, Stoke on Trent


“After visiting David for treatment for Tennis Elbow, which was cured, I found to my surprise that it helped so well with my depression that I was able to stop taking Prozac. At all times David worked closely with my doctor.” 

DW, Kenilworth, Warwickshire. 

“Before being treated by David my extreme anxiety was leading to palpitations and panic attacks. Now I am less anxious, my general health has improved and I feel much more confident.” 

KC, Worcestershire

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